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Picture of a Property's Title with a LienAre you looking for a Gulfport lien search company to help you find out if a property has a clear title? Key Title & Escrow is a premier Gulfport lien search company that has been carrying out title search services throughout Florida for over two decades.
A lien is a notice attached to a property's title that indicates you owe a creditor a specific amount of money. It is a way for a person or institution to collect money from a debt. A lien is a public record and it is the Gulfport lien search company's job to search these records to find any potential encumbrances that might affect future ownership of a property.
Title search and clearance is a crucial step before any real estate transaction is closed and it's important to hire an experienced Gulfport lien search company to do the job. Why? Because a clouded title can later pose a threat to the ownership of a property. An experienced Gulfport lien search company will know exactly where and what to look for, and determine if there are any unsatisfied liens or judgements against a person or a group of people that may affect future ownership of the property.

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Tammy G - Miami, FLNovember 09, 2017

We had such a great experience at Key Title & Escrow. Our agent was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. They were able to accommodate our busy schedules when it came to signing and made sure we understood all documents involved. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of title and escrow services.

There are different types of liens that a Gulfport lien search company must look out for before declaring that a title is clear and marketable. Among these, we can mention tax liens, child support and alimony liens, and mechanic liens, to name a few.
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Key Title & Escrow is a premier Gulfport lien search company that has been serving the real estate industry for over 23 years. If you are looking for the most efficient Gulfport lien search company to help you find any clouds on the title of a property you're buying, send us a message through the Tag.Link.Page.contactus form or give us a call at (305) 235-4571, one of our lien search specialists will be happy to take your call.
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