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Record Owner Searches

State of Florida Title Searches A Florida title search examines the historical records of a property to verify that the seller has the right to transfer ownership of the property to another individual or entity. The secondary purpose of a Florida title search is to discover any claims, defects, or other problems with the property. To provide a comprehensive assessment, record owner searches need to be thorough and accurate. Because of that, our Florida title record owner searches examine some of the following.
  • Deeds
  • Court Records
  • Properties
  • Name Indexes
Since properties can carry hidden financial encumbrances that can be passed from one owner to another, it's always best to have an experienced title agency conduct a record owner search before closing. Contact our title search company, Key Title & Escrow, today to request title and escrow services!

What Problems Might Florida Title Searches Uncover? Florida title record owner searches can uncover many problems such as title defects, liens, encumbrances, and other restrictions. Some of these problems can include the following.
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Unsatisfied Mortgage(s)
  • Restrictions On Land Usage
  • Unknown Easements
  • Missing Heirs
  • Breaks In The Chain Of Title
  • Incorrect Legal Descriptions
  • Errors In Public Record

Common Types Of Property Owner Searches

Current Owner Search

A current owner title search, also known as an owner and encumbrance report or O&E, can provide detailed information from public records on the current titleholder and the latest deed. With a current owner property search, you can access details on outstanding mortgages, vesting, current tax status, judgments, liens, legal description, and more. This type of search is usually conducted in preparations for transactions, foreclosure auctions, and pre-tax auctions.

Limited Coverage Title Search

Limited coverage searches are less comprehensive and generally include information on property liens and liens against present titleholders. These kinds of searches are ordinarily for preparing title reports for refinance transactions that involve ownership equity loans or making simple title guarantee reports.

Two-Owner Search

A two-owner title search provides information on the previous two owners in the chain of title for a property. Typically, two-owner searches provide details about vesting, taxes, open liens, and legal descriptions.

Chain Of Title Search

Chain of title searches provide information dating back to a property's original titleholder. This kind of title search can help spot liens, judgments against past owners, gaps in the chain of title, problems with legal descriptions, and other encumbrances.
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