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Residential Title & Escrow Services

Man shaking hands with title officer after finalizing residential title services Florida Residential Title Services Key Title & Escrow provides a complete line of residential title services in Florida. Our title officers, examiners, attorneys, underwriters, and escrow officers are technically proficient and knowledgeable about the Florida residential title market. Because speed, accuracy, and accountability are the most important aspects of home title insurance and escrow commitment, our title agents will respond quickly to your needs, with the flexibility to adopt creative approaches for unique circumstances. Additionally, Key Title & Escrow is geared explicitly towards residential title services in Florida. For nearly 25 years, our title company has catered to the residential market.

Trust our expertise, and contact our title and escrow company today to request title service!

Residential Title Search

Homes occasionally possess debts and other title issues that can be transferred from owner to owner, which is why a title search is such an essential part of the home buying process. Title searches are detailed examinations of public property records to ensure the seller legally owns the property and that no third parties are claiming ownership of it. A property title search contains many features critical to getting a complete picture. Key Title & Escrow's Florida property title search reports are transmitted electronically to you and include the following information.
  • Judgments
  • Legal Description
  • Deed Status Of All Mortgages
  • Property Tax Information
  • Assessment Records
  • Mechanic's Liens
  • Vesting Of Title
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Any Other Required Information
To help buyers and sellers of real estate ensure their home is free of encumbrances, we also offer record owner searches and judgment and lien searches!

Title Insurance

A home's title grants its holder the legal right to own, use, possess, or dispose of the land. Florida title insurance provides financial security should that legal right ever be challenged. A few common examples of title issues covered by a title insurance policy include the following.
  • Fraudulent/Forged Prior Deeds
  • Unpaid Taxes & Assessments
  • Unpaid Judgements & Liens
  • Improper Documentation
  • Unreleased Mortgages
  • Undisclosed Claims From Heirs
Get in touch with a title agent at Key Title & Escrow today for a competitive estimate on Florida title insurance rates!

Homeowners Insurance

An individual's home is one of the most significant investments they'll make in their lifetime. Accordingly, homeowners will want comprehensive insurance coverage specifically tailored to their home and possessions. The Key Title & Escrow team can help you find a homeowners insurance policy that fits your unique needs. We work with a myriad of national homeowner's insurance carriers. Some of the homeowners insurance companies we work with include the following.
  • Heritage Insurance Company
  • Travelers Insurance Company
  • Tower Hill Insurance Group
  • Mercury Insurance Group
  • Florida Family Insurance Company
  • Bankers Insurance Company
  • Citizens

Escrow Closing Service

Whether you're buying or selling a home, the escrow and closing process is complex and full of room for error. In this final, crucial phase of a real estate transaction, you should employ the services of an escrow agent with the necessary expertise and experience to guide you through the entire transaction and ensure the deal closes smoothly. Key Title & Escrow is your one-stop-shop for all your escrow needs. We provide extensive escrow closing services in addition to a host of other real estate closing offerings all across the state of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our residential title services!
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