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How Do I Choose a Title Company in Florida?

April 22, 2024

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A real estate transaction is a commitment that often causes major changes for sellers and buyers alike. Careful consideration goes into each part of the process, including the selection of a title company to oversee the closing. An expert's insight will make things less overwhelming and their knowledge of local laws is essential to avoid conflict along the way.

Choosing a title company is important to ensure a smooth transaction, so let's see what goes into making the right pick when you're dealing with Florida's competitive real estate market.

What To Look for in a Title Company?

No matter the type of service, clients want their company of choice to be reliable and efficient. A title company could make a great impression and disappoint you with their customer service later on.

We'll now go over important qualities a title company should have and how to spot them during your initial research:

  • The company's credentials: This should be the starting point before looking any deeper into the company's offer. Chances are you won't have to struggle to find the certifications of a legitimate title company; they're usually available on its website or a representative will disclose the necessary information when contacted over it.

    Some Hands and Legal DocumentsThis is important because title companies need to abide by local regulations and they're tasked with overseeing that real estate closings are done correctly. The Florida Department of Financial Services regulates the operations of title services within the state, so you can always contact them to corroborate a company's credentials.

  • Reputation and industry recognition: A title company can't grow without expanding its reputation in the area where it operates. There's also the fact that most people won't be convinced by appearances alone when there's so much money on the line.

    An easy way to look into a company's reputation is by reading reviews from previous customers, sometimes without having to look further than the testimonial page of the company website. Word of mouth is also a big asset, so don't dismiss the opinion of friends and acquaintances if they happen to have experience working with a company in particular.

    Well-established businesses are also known to have connections with other professionals in the industry, like fellow escrow businesses, real estate lawyers, insurance providers, lenders, etc. Lastly, you can check for partnerships or accolades within the industry.

  • Technical resources: If you've looked into all the steps involved in a closing, you know that a considerable portion of the process involves reviewing the property title and other relevant documents on record. The latest technology will cover a lot more ground during title searches, minimizing the risk of errors or omissions.

  • Professionalism: On top of being knowledgeable, title and escrow agents need to inspire trust through their customer service. Transparency and regular communication are essential for a successful closing, not only to help negotiations but to resolve last-minute problems. You'll also get more peace of mind knowing that your escrow funds are in good hands for the duration of the process.

    An agent's response to questions and suggestions says a lot about the company's principles and commitment. A true professional knows the value of the client's feedback and is always open to providing further guidance when something isn't clear.

    This is another area where the company's technical resources come into play because they represent a simple, secure communication channel for clients to reach them after the escrow process has been set in motion.

Other Things To Consider

First of all, keep in mind that your decision doesn't affect you alone. It doesn't matter whether the buyer or the seller is paying for the company, its performance will define the process for all parties involved. You'll also hear of instances where each party hires their own company, but this is an unnecessary hassle when you have the chance to reach an agreement beforehand.

A common practice in Florida involves the seller paying for the homeowners insurance policy in exchange for the freedom to hire the title company of their choice. You'll find that hashing out these details at the start of the process will save you a lot of headaches during the title search, the home inspections, and the closing itself.

If you're looking for a title company in Florida, the solution is here! Key Title & Escrow has cemented its reputation as one of the top companies in the industry after more than 20 years of outstanding services. Combining the latest technology with an impeccable work ethic, our staff provides the best customer service to ensure a rewarding experience with no time wasted in between. Just call (305) 235-4571 or toll-free at (800) 547-0006 to learn more about our services. You can also contact us via the contact form on this page if you prefer, and one of our specialists will get back to you. With Key Title & Escrow, you'll guarantee the most satisfying outcome for your real estate transaction.
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