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How to Choose a Loan Officer

September 28, 2018

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Loan OfficerBuying a home is a big step for many Americans. It would be nice, of course, to have the money set aside to just buy a house outright, but that certainly isn't the case for most Americans. Buying a home requires a loan and many years, sometimes decades, to pay off. Loans for a home traditionally come from a bank or some other lending source. This means that if you buy a home, you will come into contact with someone who is called a loan officer.

What is a Loan Officer?A loan officer, sometimes called a mortgage loan originator, is someone who works at a bank or other lending institution. While many loan officer works for a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, others may work for a mortgage company or some other financial institution as well. A loan officer acts somewhat as a middle man between lenders and borrowers, building loan cases and presenting them to the lender and the borrower. The loan officer is always very familiar with loan sources, loan procedures, and the individual requirements either of the lender they represent or a number of lenders if they try to secure loans for customers from more than one source. In addition to banks and other financial institutions, you can find loan officers in businesses that deal with financing, such as an automotive sales business, where they need a dedicated loan officer to secure financing for automotive loans.

How to Choose a Loan OfficerIf you are a borrower, you may not need to choose a loan officer. The bank, credit union, or other financial institution you choose to go through to get a loan for the purchase of your home will have a loan officer available. Your realtor may be able to recommend a loan officer. Although that person works for the bank, keep in mind that they want to get you a loan. They will be working with you on a personal level to ensure they do all they can to get your loan, including reviewing credit scores, finances, collateral, and anything else necessary to ensure all details are in order to meet the requirements of a loan.

Loan OfficerYou can, of course, hire a loan officer to work for you, or you may be able to find one through your realtor. Many realtors have their own lenders and loan officers on site. This is a great symbiotic relationship. It allows the realtor the convenience of having loan specialists right there at their disposal, plus they get compensation from the lender on for referrals. The lender, of course, has instant access to the agents and buyers. When choosing a loan officer, finding one that works so closely with your realtor is a great way to go.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Loan OfficerDepending on the type of financial institution a loan officer works for, some of the duties can vary. In any case, loan officers have a varied set of job duties, and many of them are essential to you as a customer because they can dictate your success when applying for, and receiving, a loan.

Some of the responsibilities of a loan officer include:
  1. Explaining to customers the details of certain loans and how they will work with the customer's particular financial standing.
  2. Being knowledgeable on various types of loans and how they work.
  3. Working closely with individuals and businesses to accurately analyze credit and financial status to better be able to serve the needs of the customer.
  4. Being skilled at working through common roadblocks when trying to secure loans.
  5. Choosing the right loan for the right customer based upon credit history, financial standing, and the needs of the borrower.
  6. Be able to find and implement alternative loan sources to meet the needs of the borrower.
  7. Act as an advisor to borrowers to help them bring together the necessary copies of individual and business-related financial documents, credit histories, and other financial documents that are necessary to meet the requirements of getting a loan.
  8. Provide sound advice to customers regarding their financial goals and how they can meet the goals they need to meet in order to successfully get a loan.
  9. Work closely with title company to ensure all title requirements are met in order for a loan to go through.
Loan Officers Consult These are just some of the things to look for when you choose a loan officer you'd like to work with. Keep in mind, the loan officer wants to give you a loan. That's the business they are in, and if there is any way they can work alongside a borrower to expediate the loan process, they are going to do it. If you feel you're working with someone who isn't working toward getting you a loan, then you may need look elsewhere.

Realtors and Loan OfficersAs a borrower, you might be more likely to trust your realtor's recommendation for a loan officer if you understand some of the questions they ask loan officers before working with them.

What is your fee, of course. The fee isn't typically a direct payment. It is built into the mortgage, but it is good to know. Other questions realtors like to ask are, how long have you been in the business of securing loans and how many lenders do you work with? These are important because there can be so many different ways of getting financing for a customer that someone who has years of experience working with a variety of lenders will have contacts and relationships that can help secure a loan. Many lenders value the assessment of the loan officers they work with, and a loan officer with a great track record might have additional pull.

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