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How to Choose a Title and Escrow Company in Florida?

November 23, 2022

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Real estate transactions entail the start of a new chapter and, more importantly, a considerable financial investment. While planning to close a real estate transaction, it's natural to anticipate potential issues and look for the best resources to prevent them. After participating in these transactions, most people agree that hiring a title and escrow company is the safest way to go about it.

Choosing Title CompanyClients enlist the assistance of a third party to prevent mishaps, inaccurate records, or legal gaps, so if you're looking for a title and escrow company in Florida, make sure to make an informed decision.

The Early Stages

Choosing a title and escrow company is no small matter. There's a lot to consider, like the state's regulations and the company's local market knowledge. You can always seek the guidance of an attorney to help you set your priorities when confirming a company's reliability.

The closing process is highly determined by local practices, which is why hiring a seasoned company is so important to help things run smoothly. As described by The Washington Post, buyers tend to be the ones to hire a title and escrow companies in some parts of the U.S. The practice often falls upon the seller in Florida, with exceptions usually in Broward and Miami-Dade. There are also cases in which a different company oversees the closing from both the seller's and the buyer's sides.

What's the Role of a Title and Escrow Company During a Transaction?

The assistance of a title and escrow does a lot to guarantee a successful closing. Clients won't be surprised midway through the process because the company will examine all factors beforehand, conducting title searches and calculating the estimated costs of the transaction long before closing.

It will also issue title insurance to help you prevent any inconveniences later. Title and escrow companies set reliable insurance policies to anticipate problems and protect your investment.

The company will manage all the tasks leading up to the closing and ensure that all the terms from the initial agreement are met beforehand. A closing agent will oversee the process to ensure that all costs are paid on time, and all proceedings are appropriately recorded.

Among other things, a title and escrow company spot potential forgeries, unpaid taxes from any parties involved, inaccuracies on the legal documentation, etc.

Making the Right Choice

The first step is verifying that the company has all the required licenses and looking into its industry reputation. A well-established company usually has a review section on its website, where clients rate its services, express their opinions and highlight the company's strong suits. Reading customer reviews also offers a reasonable frame of reference to compare the performance of different companies.

If someone you trust has completed an actual state transaction in recent years, ask them about their experiences working with their title and escrow company. That way, you'll have a clear picture of what to expect before contacting the company.

Title Company with Years of ExperienceBeyond that, other factors will ensure a smoother process. A company with years of experience under its belt will be more likely to respond effectively if any of the records need reviewing. Advanced technical resources also help keep all documents in order, and they're imperative for companies specializing in multiple real estate services.

Be sure to choose a company that operates in the area where the real estate transaction is set to take place. Not only will this save you time, but you will get the expertise of a company that's entirely in tune with the local real estate market.

Depending on counties and states, title and escrow transactions can follow a unique process. Some locations involve longer transactions, from the property inspection to the document reviews, before finalizing the pricing. Local practices also determine how fees are divided between seller and buyer. Even if it's not your first time navigating a real estate closing, each transaction has its requirements so the expertise of a title and escrow company always comes in handy.

Don't hesitate to ask questions after hiring a title and escrow company. A real estate transaction involves a considerable amount of money, so specialists fully expect clients to ask for reassurance. Regardless of who hires the company, buyers and sellers want to confirm that a neutral third party protects their investment. You can ask about the resources available to watch your funds, the company's financial rating, etc.

If you're in Florida, secure the best services with Key Title & Escrow. We provide a wide variety of title and escrow services, including title insurance, property title searches, statewide closings, and much more. We give all our dedication to each customer we work with to minimize the back and forth that marks so many transactions in the real estate industry.

Let Florida's best title and escrow company join you through a successful transaction. Key Title & Escrow guarantees all the professionalism you need throughout any real state process. If you want to sell a property, work through insurance payments, or prevent hiccups that could potentially delay any other real estate transactions, our certified agents are here for you. You can call (305) 235-4571 or toll-free at (800) 547-0006 if you have doubts and want to learn more about Key Title & Escrow. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and we won't keep you waiting. We know what to do to ensure a quick, smooth process.
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