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Why a Title Insurance Company is Crucial for Home Buyers

April 05, 2019

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A title insurance company is a company that provides title insurance for home buyers and for lenders. This is an important part of purchasing a home. There are two types of title insurance provided. You can get a lender's policy or an owner's (buyer) policy. The owner's policy is not required in most cases, but if you plan to secure a loan from a traditional lender or bank, they will most definitely require you have a lender's policy. That's because they want the assurance that they are making a loan on a property that can legally be sold, helping to minimize the chance of loss should any issue arise with the title down the road, long after the sale has been made.

Homeowners Purchasing Title Insurance from Key Title & EscrowWhy is a Title Insurance Company Crucial for Home Buyers?A title insurance company provides title insurance, but the company can also perform a title search. A title search is a search of public records regarding the history of the title and property that is being sold/purchased. The purpose of this search is to make sure the seller of a property has the legal right to sell the property (transfer the title). There can be many reasons a title cannot be transferred or a property sold. In most cases, the seller may not be aware of these issues. Sometimes the seller is being dishonest. In either case, a title search can help determine if a property can be legally sold. The sale of the property can happen once the title has been cleared or deemed free of clouds (issues with the title).

A title search can uncover many issues with a title. Some of these issues include forged titles, misrepresentation of a title, titles signed by people who are deceased, filing errors, inaccurate descriptions or false representation of a property, or undiscovered easements or liens against the property that would prevent the sale. There are a lot of other unforeseen problems that could also prevent the legal sale of the company. Unfortunately, even with the most thorough title search, it's possible that some of these issues may not show up during the title search. This is another reason a title insurance company can be so important to a home owner.

Title SearchTitle insurance can be purchased through a title insurance company. This is a service that can protect you should an unforeseen issue arise against a title after you've purchased your home. A lender's policy protects the lender and an owner's policy protects the buyer of the home. Title insurance is a one-time payment that helps ensure you have some degree of protection should an issue arise with the title of the home that was missed during the title search. While a legal issue could arise that voids the sale of the house, having owner's title insurance can at least protect your investment up to the point that the issue is discovered.

The best option for any home buyer, and in particular first-time home buyers, is a company that offers the important title insurance services as well as other services related to real estate. These services include escrow and closing services that require a great deal of attention to detail and must be done correctly to facilitate a smooth closing. Key Title & Escrow is the best company in Florida for real estate closing services. We offer not only title searches and title insurance, we can handle all of the important details related to closing on a home. Buying a home, particularly for first time home buyers, can be stressful, and the last thing you need to do is worry about all of the little details that can easily be overlooked.

Title Insurance PaymentKey Title & Escrow is a Florida title and escrow company with experience serving the real estate industry for more than 21 years. We are a full-service title and escrow company providing a range of services, including title insurance and title searches. We cover title and escrow services, tile searches, 1031 tax deferred exchange, residential title services, judgement and lien services, and much more. When you're ready to close on a home, we want to make sure you have everything you need under one roof so the closing process streamlined and more efficient.

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When you're looking for a title insurance company, why not use a company that goes even further. Key Title & Escrow can handle all of your title needs, including title searches and title insurance, and we can also handle all of the other necessary components of a successful real estate closing. There are too many little details that need to be handles, paperwork to be signed, and inspections to be made to risk leaving your closing in the hands of a company that doesn't know how to handle them. Key Title and Escrow is the best Florida title and escrow company. When you're ready to close on your dream home, let us give you the closing services you need when it's convenient for you. We offer weekend closings and have real estate closing experts standing by to answer your questions now.

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